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Hi, Kenny Goodman here.

Our main focus is to help you win first rate clients and we can even help you work smarter so you can service them better, in less time. You will find high quality free articles, videos and podcasts that will help you STAND OUT and succeed in an increasingly noisy world.

You can also access paid online coaching products and 'done for you' services if you're looking for more structured or hands on help right away.

I started my first business back in 1995 & didn't have a clue about Sales & Marketing. Through trial & error, many businesses and hundreds of thousands of dollars spent on personal development and mentoring I've developed a system I call the Client Accelerator FormulaTM, which accelerates client acquisition & underlines everything we do on this site and beyond.

This system specifically helps Small Business Owners, Coaches, Consultants and Other Professionals.

Anyway enough of me doing the talking, here's what others are saying...


If you've ever asked clients to setup a video camera and then record you a testimonial from their own home or office, you will know it's not an easy task. Not everyone feels comfortable behind the camera and they sometimes don't have the right equipment to make it happen. When they do it however, you know they are truly inspired and not just doing it because someone forced a camera on them at the end of a high octane event. This is why I'm so proud that a small sample of my clients made the effort to record their success stories. There's also some nice words from some well known faces.

Since joining Kenny's mastermind I made over $34,000 in the first 60 days. The content is rich and engaging and Kenny goes out of his way to help on a daily basis.

Laura Jane Sarkodee

Within 30 days of working with Kenny we made some amazing international connections and landed our very first multi-national client to deliver our mindfulness training.

Jenn Fairbank

Since starting with the mentoring program we have come so far and Kenny has really helped us take it to the next level. It's been outstanding. I wholeheartedly endorse Kenny.

Reine Clemow

I potentially could have been Kenny's harshest critic. Kenny proved himself very quickly. He walks what he talks & I made my ROI back far quicker than I anticipated. This system works.

Caro McCourtie

If you're being offered a place on Kenny's Client Accelerator Program grab it with both hands. It will help you expand your portfolio of clients. It's worked leaps & bounds for me.

John Lockyear

Kenny's mentoring is nothing short of amazing. I learned monetisation, research, website traffic, sales conversions & my business would not be where it is today without Kenny.

Sambo Sab
Fitness Coach

Kenny will force you out of your comfort zone and show you the things that will make you a ton of money. Personally, I don't think Kenny charges enough for what he does.

David Cooling
Trading Coach

Some Nice Words From Some Well Known Faces

Kenny is methodical and very detailed. He really goes out of his way to make sure you have everything you need. So if Kenny's got something for you, make sure you take it.

Kenny Goodman in terms of all things internet related is just total killer. Kenny was instrumental on getting me online and he can take something that is complicated and overwhelming and clarify it instantly. I had a great website thanks to Kenny, he is a great man and I highly recommend him.

There's nobody that I could recommend more in this whole internet industry. His forward thinking creativity really is phenomenal. If you're after results, outcomes & achievements then working with Kenny is a pretty darn good idea.

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