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So you’re using Domain Face or another Domain Tool to find superb aged domain names. In fact these domain names are so good, you know they’ll help you dominate your niche or re-sell at massive profits.

All great, but you now have to go through the process of buying them and if they’re such good domains you don’t want anyone else to know they’re available. The problem is that by bidding on them too early you risk bringing unwanted attention to them, so it’s important to get your timing spot on.
You need to minimise outside attention to these domains if you want to keep them to yourself.

So in this post I’ll show you:

  • What different types of aged domains you can bid or backorder and how to capitaise on this for maximum profits
  • Why it’s important to bid/backorder at specific times
  • How to bid on/backorder to secure profitable Dynamite Domains
  • What happens if you bid or backorder badly

Before I show you how to do this I’m going to go through the 3 main ways to secure aged domains via Domain Face:

1. Back ordering non-exclusive deleting domains

First of all let me explain deleting domains and then I will explain the exclusive bit.
Basically you can backorder any domain name on the planet. Yes you heard it right – you could even back order if you wanted but the chances of Google letting that bad boy drop are about as good as winning the lottery 5 times in a row! So instead of just backordering any old domain, the best way to ensure success is to backorder domains that are approaching their pending delete stage. You see domain names have their own life cycle (if you want to see more about this download my free report here) and by knowing more about this life cycle you can see if a domain name is approaching it’s pending delete stage. If it is a few days away from pending delete, the chances of the registrant renewing the domain are extremely slim so if the domain name is in a non-exclusive capacity then any backordering service can try and catch this domain when it drops.
In this scenario, the free report explains how to increase your chances of winning the domain by employing the Triple Barrel Back Order Strategy, what backordering services to use and which ones to avoid, but I guess I never fully explained how to reduce the chances of someone else backordering it and causing a public auction, until today.

2. Back Ordering exclusive deleting domains

Now you fully understand what a non-exclusive domain is, then I’m sure you have already guessed what an exclusive one is.
Basically it’s a deleting domain but will only be available to backorder via a selected exclusive backordering service like Godaddy, Snapnames, or Namejet.

3. Privately for sale Auctions

These are domains that are held in auction on behalf of private sellers at auction houses such as Godaddy, Sedo, Flippa, Pool, snapnames etc.

Backordering Deleting

When back ordering domains you should always back order a couple of minutes before the ‘backorder by’ time.

Snapnames Auction

Snapnames Auction

The reason for this is these backordering services usually feature domains with backorder bids, higher than those without. Domainers also tend to sort domains by amount of bidders allowing them to spot popular ones to bid on.

You should always backorder the minimum amount allowed by that backordering service.

Don’t bid above this as hopefully you will be the only person bidding, if you aren’t then you will be entered into an auction between all backorder bidders. If this is the case you should follow normal auction protocol (see below)


Most domain auctions use a proxy bidding system similar to eBay’s

Even before the auction commences you should decide the maximum amount you are willing to bid, then make a note and stick with it.
You should, however, only place this proxy bid 5 minutes before the end of the auction. Again, when you increase your bid it brings unwanted attention to the domain and also creates an auction buzz which is designed to tap into peoples need/greed emotions which will attract more bidders and can sometimes turn into a bidding frenzy which blows the price out of all proportions. Plus as soon as you bid the auction house automatically warns all other bidders via email because their main aim is to create a bidding frenzy in order to increase the price of the domain.
The longer you leave it before you bid, the better the chance other bidders won’t see the email in time to increase their bid to beat yours.

Why 5 minutes before the end? Why not 5 seconds before the end?

Most of these auction houses extend the auction for an extra 5 minutes if you bid within the last 5 minutes, this again can give people further time to get involved in the bidding.

Now the most important bit I’m going to tell you is something I really struggle with but it saves unwanted pain later on:
Once you place your proxy bid – make it your final bid. How do you do that? You place your bid and then walk away from your computer or close down the web page and move onto something else.
Then once the dust has settled a couple of hours after the auction, check your email or revisit the site to see if you’ve been successful.
You see, if you stay you will buy into the frenzy, believe me it still happens to me and I still buy domains at prices I regret because I got emotionally caught up in the bidding.

If you don’t win then don’t worry, there are thousands of new domains coming onto the market every day, so there will be another domain that suits.

So there you have it. Some simple rules to increase your chances of winning the Dynamite Domains that can change your game and help you make bigger profits.

As always if you have any questions just leave a comment and I will be on call to answer.
Remember to Facebook ‘like’ and Twitter ‘tweet’ – what you put out will come back tenfold or your money back :-)

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