Who Do You Think You Are? Developing Your Personal Brand

Personal-BrandIt's simple, if you want more business, you do more marketing. Most people realise this, but only focus on promoting their business and services – so what if I told you your efforts would be twice as effective if you marketed yourself as well?

Think about it…

We all know people buy people, but when it comes to marketing that seems to go out the window; we promote a lifeless entity (our company) instead of a living, breathing human (us). So why not double your marketing efforts and market both?

What you’re selling

When you market yourself, you’re selling a personal brand – something that tells people who you are, what you’re all about, and what they’ll get if they buy into you.

It’s important to cover all the bases with your brand, from the ‘deep and meaningful’ aspects, to the more logical stuff. They fall into six categories:

1. Your Values

Your Values are principles by which you live your life, and the rules you use to define right and wrong.

Think of them as the foundations on which your personal brand is built. You can be wildly different from someone in looks and behaviour, but often – if you share a strong value – you can still connect.

2. Your Drivers

Your Drivers are the things that are important to you, that motivate you to do what you do, to be who you are, and that push you to succeed.

Knowing what they are – and conveying them to others – helps you to keep on track, and spot opportunities as they occur.

3. Your Reputation

In a nutshell, your Reputation is what you’re known for (or want to be known for). It's the thing that people think of the instant they hear your name.

In traditional marketing terms, it’s your strap line, and the more you get that message out there, the more likely it is to be repeated by others.

4. Your Behaviours

Your Behaviours are what you say and do – they are an outward communication of your deeper Values and Beliefs.

They represent your personality and character, and you should remain true to them, even if you do dial it up or down a bit to suit the situation.

5. Your Skills

Your strengths, your natural talents, the things you excel at, your knowledge and experience – these are all Skills.

They’re the things that we’re usually most comfortable talking about (especially when we’re pitching for work) as they’re often backed up by hard facts, i.e. what you’ve delivered in the past.

And last, but certainly not least…

6. Your Image

Your Image is not just how you look (your clothes, body language, eye contact) but how you sound too (your tone of voice, volume, communication, style).

This tells people an awful lot about you, and will usually provide clues to all the previous things. Get your image right, and you can convey everything you need to about your brand in one fell swoop.

Hit the button below if you’d like to ask a question about your own personal brand, and why not share this with your friends and colleagues to help them think about their brand too?

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