How to Find Aged Domain Names

NOTE: This is Part 6 of a series of articles on Dynamite Domains

One of the most underexploited areas of Internet Marketing today has to be aged domain names, which leaves a massive opportunity on the plate for people like you and me. There's literally thousands of these dynamite domains hitting the market every single week, and there's only a handful of savvy Internet Marketers who are exploiting this to its full potential.

There's a couple of reasons for this: 1) because people just don't understand the SEO power of aged domains and 2) people just don't know where to find them.

To Recap, as we're looking at aged domains we'll look at the aged section of the lifecycle:

Domain Lifecycle Opportunities - Kenny Goodman

Domain Lifecycle Opportunities

Within this article I'm going to explain where to find these aged domain names, so that you can use them for their explosive power to change the game to your advantage within your niche.

Where to Start

So, where do we find registered, aged domains? Well, if you think about it, for the right price, everything is for sale; so, every aged domain name in the world is for sale. But approaching every single domain known would require quite a lot of time and tenacity and would, therefore, be too much of a task.

Instead, we're going to focus on the easy targets, and those are domain owners that we know want to sell. They're domain owners that are looking to sell their domains. There are absolutely loads of different auctions and brokers out there, and I've not got time to show you them all today. We'd need months to go through them. For this example, we’re going to focus on, because they offer some really good auctions and they start off as little as $5 (and it's also one of the biggest).

GoDaddy Domain Auctions 1 - Kenny Goodman

GoDaddy Domain Auctions 1

So, here we are on with their trademark models on the front. As you can see, you can search for new domains here, but we're looking for aged domain names, so we go to the domain auctions.

GoDaddy Domain Auctions 2 - Kenny Goodman

GoDaddy Domain Auctions 2

As you can see, they have featured domains here, but we're looking to do a search on a key phrase here (and they claim to have over two million domains, so we should be able to find one). ). I'm not going to change a habit of a lifetime of most Internet Marketing educators out there, so I'm going to stick with dog training as my niche.

So, if we're looking to target the dog training niche we would ideally want the key phrase dog training within the actual domain name. The best way to find the available names is to do a search on the key phrase dogtraining.

GoDaddy Domain Auctions 3 - Kenny Goodman

GoDaddy Domain Auctions 3

At time of writing this report, we have quite a lot of domain names on there. There are 50 on each page and we know there's more than one page here, so there are plenty of dog training domain names here to go at. On GoDaddy, once you’ve done a search, you can filter by time remaining, or price, or bids, whatever you like. Let's take a look at some of the domains I found.

We have which could be an actual phrase in itself. I've not checked it out, but “new dog training” could be an actual phrase and that could be a really good phrase and that was at $6 with no bids at the moment.

It's important that you understand that, like most auctions, you want to put in a bid towards the end of the auction – ideally you want to do it within the last ten minutes. You don’t need to do it in the last minute because (certainly on GoDaddy) if you do it in the last four minutes they will just add on an extra four minutes. So, in the last ten minutes you want to put a bid on because if you put a bid on earlier then you are bringing attention to that actual domain and you don’t want to bring any attention to the domain. You want it to get to that last ten minutes without much attention on it because other domainers out there will filter on how many bids a domain has, so how much attention that domain is getting. So, leave it to the last ten minutes before you put a bid on.

So, I found then in my search, which look like pretty good domain names (I've not checked the age of them, though).

There are other quite good, brandable domains there, like Again, that at $10 with no bids and it's got four days yet. We've got Not sure whether that's a key phrase. It might be. Again, at $10. Pretty sure that's got to be a key phrase. It's also got dog training in there.

If you can get something that's got dog training in there, but the third word actually makes a phrase (the suffix on dog training there is books and it actually makes a phrase) then that could be quite a good domain name. There’s That's going at over $1,000. That's quite expensive. That's $8,000. They're quite high.

We have Again, quite a brandable domain at $10. Let's check another page out. We have dogtrainingproducts here at $688. Quite pricey again. dogtrainingcourse at $1,800. There’s here at $1,100. (That's for micro niche within the niche. That's just about boxer dogs). Finally, there’s a really big heavy weight domain which is at $20,000.

So, there are lots of different dog training domains on there. There's 150 at the moment and they range, as you can see, I think the cheapest one was $5 or $7 and they go up to about around $20,000. Well, there's one here actually for just shy of $50,000. So, there are a lot of domains there and that's just with dog training in there and this is just one auction website.

With some of these domains, you can buy now, as you can see. With some you can either buy now or put an offer in and on the other page. There's also lots where you can just bid and these are really good ones. These are the ones I like to go for because they're usually around about $10 unless they've had bids on them and I pickup lots of domains on here for the $10 mark.

Now, you've also got to understand that they will charge you a domain registration fee which just shy of $10 as well. So, for a $10 domain, it will be the $10 purchase plus the registration fee if you win these domains (and like is say, leave it to the last ten minutes of the auction before you put your bid in).

So, apart from GoDaddy, some of the best places to find domains are:

  • (which is great)
  • (sometimes pronounced
  • (Rick Latona is a really famous domainer and he has held some really good auctions in the past)
  • and of course the famous (which is a whole video on its own really because you can not only get great domains on there, but you can get some fantastic readymade great websites where people have already done all of the work for you)


There are tens of thousands of really good, aged dynamite domain names hitting the market every single day, and there are only a handful of savvy Internet Marketers who are totally exploiting this.

So, as Mr. Ed Dale would say (one of the savviest internet marketers on the planet), “Taking aged dynamite domains and hitting your niche with it is like taking a gun to a knife fight.”

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