Interview with Robert Somerville – AKA GuruBob

Guru Bob - Robert Somerville

Guru Bob - Robert Somerville

After years of knowing GuruBob, I finally manged to get an interview with him and find out how he got into Internet Marketing and become the back bone of The Challenge alongside Ed Dale.

You can listen to the full interview with Robert here:

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Do you feel there is too much noise on the internet?

Too many products hitting you every day?

How did it get to be so bloody noisy out there?

I have some answers and I've just received some very valuable advice on this
subject (and more) from a smart guy called Bob and I want to share it with you.

I'm sure you have been touched by Bob at some point (not in that way!) whether
you know it or not, so I wanted to give you a brief background on his career so
you can see where he's coming from…

Bob's background is scientifically based so he naturally loves finding out how
things work and he is particularly obsessed with numbers and NLP! Strange mix
– I know, but bear with me…

Back in the 90's he travelled the four corners of the globe working for a major
oil giant and although he enjoyed the travel and lifestyle of the job he felt the
need to move on and stretch his horizons. Coincidentally, oil was down to less
than $10 a barrel and the whole oil industry was on it's knees but I'm sure this
had nothing to do with his sudden need to move on :-)
Anyhow through various inquiries he found himself in the unknown Wealth
Creation Industry which was about to boom – big time!

Because of his strong analytical and business process skills, Bob quickly found
himself working with some of the World's leading experts in Wealth Creation and
was soon developing both Business and Real Estate seminars with 3000
attendees at $15,000 a ticket! No small change there!

Anyhow Bob then met a very inspirational Internet Marketer called Ed who had
just sold his Network of websites for millions and was on a mission to give
something back to the Internet! Ed, who is a natural marketeer needed someone
strong to run the business side of things so he could flow as the front man and
he asked Bob to fill this gap and look after the back end of the business (You
know I could have worded this differently to get a cheap giggle out of you don't
you? 😉

Over the next 5 years they traversed the length and breadth of the Internet
together swerving Google slaps & researching and testing every traffic and
conversion technique known to man whilst sharing this information with the
world through the most well respected free coaching course on the internet:
The Challenge

Throughout this time Bob (Robert Somerville) gained the nickname of GuruBob
& learned some very valuable SEO, PPC, Social Media, Business lessons & of
course how to list an internet marketing company on a New York stock
exchange. So I thought a rare interview with him might just be an enlightening
experience. I wasn't wrong and I managed to get hold of him ahead of the
challenge conference in Melbourne this weekend

He talks about:

  • How the Internet is a numbers game and how you can use those numbers to
  • your advantage
  • Surviving Google slaps!
  • The battle between the Faceless Algorithm of Google and the Human Opinion
  • Model of Facebook and how this affects you
  • His hand in the creation of Market Samurai – the world's number one Market
  • Research Tool
  • How to become an SEO expert
  • How PPC is fast becoming the world of big business
  • What it's like to work with the world famous Ed Dale
  • How you must remove of the Noise if you are to survive on the Internet!

See whether you can spot GuruBob asking me to blow his trumpet :-)

Please remember to Facebook like and comment so GuruBob can get involved and answer any questions you have

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